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CorporateJapan Digital Asset Association(JDAA)
住所〒105-0013 東京都港区浜松町2-2-15-2F
AddressHamamatsucho 2-2-15-2F Minato-ku,Tokyo,105-0013 JAPAN
URL https://j-daa.jp
定款Articles of incorporation

Mission Statement (ミッション ステートメント)

Our association will operate in order to fulfill the social significance of sound development and dissemination of digital assets.

We will contribute the innovative promotion of the digital asset companies belonging to our association for their business advance to Japan as well as facilitation for the matching of business enterprises though exchange of information, coordination and collaboration among relevant organizations, agencies, and enterprises.


Main Activities(事業内容)

The association carries out many activities in relation of digital asset management and operation though assemblies, exchange meetings, and/or conducting interviews, etc. in order to exchange useful information not only domestic but also overseas affiliates.


Greetings (挨拶)

Ryota Iizuka
代表 飯塚 良太

As the financial industry has changed rapidly in recent years, various financial products, derivative products and new payment systems are born. On the other hand, complicated systems are completed all over the world, causing many system problems.

To solve these problems, many companies are focusing on block chains.
Among them, what I am particularly interested in is the efficiency of the settlement process for securities transactions using block chains.

In spite of many securities backed by many assets, because of the complicated exchange process, it takes great number of days more than necessary. By using block chains, we are able to conduct immediate dealing, which is extremely difficult to be falsified.

By realizing this, I trust that transactions in the management and transfer of assets such as stocks and real estates will be carried out smoothly and correctly.

The era of managing digitized assets with a new ledger management system “Block -Chain” is approaching. We have established our association to be of service for companies around the world focusing on forming such society.